SJB                 Industries, LLC

Confidential Manufacturing Feasibility Study for a Injection Molding Facility (Automotive)
For this project our client relied on SJB’s core expertise in;

  A) Industrial Technology Assessment and Transfer
                   SJB worked through the clients needs to provide an overview of the state of the art on:
                                Production Equipment, Process Control Equipment and  Process Support to

                                assist in defining which production process to developed.
             B) Facility Operations/Infrastructure Support
                     SJB provided:        
                               Process Flow/ Material Handling: Provide block diagrams on process flows

                               Facility Layout Requirements: Provide layouts showing typical space requirements

                               Environmental Concerns: Identify the common environmental concerns 
             C) Supplier Management & Sourcing:
                               SJB was responsible for the sourcing the suppliers of services, capital equipment,

                               etc. through financial analysis, verification of supplier capabilities by on-site

                               inspections and follow up with their users.
                               Results -  Through the use of SJB our client was able to identify and evaluate key
                                technologies and suppliers, without  alerting their competitors. SJB's  

                                interdisciplinary approach allowed for the completion of the project on a tight time

                                line with little adverse disruption of existing projects and other resources.

 Cost reduction studies - automotive aftermarket

             Worked with supplier to reduce manufacturing cost of aftermarket powertrain components. Included coordination 

             between engineering and manufacturing. Actives ranged from low cost tooling to low cost on-shore suppliers.