SJB                 Industries, LLC

Supplier Management Services

Our philosophy is simple:

•          To recognize that every clients needs are unique and to tailor our responses


•          To give our clients the competitive edge, a direct result from our flexibility and rapid  

            response assuring that you pay for results.

Staying within our level of experience and expertise. No one can effectively offer all

            solutions to all problems. We will walk away if its outside our experience level

When an increased  demand on internal resources prevents timely project completions, SJB can  provide additional support assisting in successful timely completion. 

SJB Industries was established in 1992, providing selected management services to Automotive Industries (OE, OES and aftermarket component suppliers)

Services offered;
          • Confidential RFP and RFQ projects for bench-marking studies

                       Using SJB during the discovery phase will keep your
                        your company intentions confidential. We will provide initial reports in order
                        for you to decide when and who to contact
          • 2nd Party Compliance Audits for:

                 Quality Management System, follow up validation of Capacity Planning analysis, etc
          • Management of high risk suppliers -

                         Resolving delivery issues, ensuring completion of root cause/correction action items,

                         management of supplier resourcing projects